The Ring Program

Leadership Awards

  • Production Awards
  • Character Awards


Production Awards
  • Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance
  • Rookie of the year
  • Number of Applications
  • Segregated Funds
Character Awards
  • Agency Involvement
  • Industry Involvement
  • Community Involvement
  • Agency Nominations
  • Administration Staff Nominations
  • Management Team Nominations


  • Award presentation at The Gryphin Express
  • Plaques with pictures on Wall Of Fame
  • Free ride on The Gryphin Express the year following award presentation

The Ring

If You Want It!?

Diamonds for each of the following:

    • *This includes the new Top Group Benefits Award
  • Becoming the President of any Industry Organization
  • Becoming President of any Community/ Service Club
  • 10 year Anniversary with Gryphin at $20,000 FYC each year
  • 20 year Anniversary with Gryphin at $20,000 FYC each year
  • CLU or CFP Certification

  • Three Diamonds gets The Ring
  • Six Diamonds fills The Ring
  • Seventh Qualification gets a Rolex (at least one Diamond must be a Production Award)
  • Once the Rolex has been earned you become permanent Hall of Fame with The Gryphin Advantage: Never pay for the Gryphin Express again & no longer eligible to win any more awards

PLEASE NOTE: All accomplishments need to be earned while contracted with the Gryphin Advantage Inc. and communicated to the Gryphin Advantage Inc. in order to be recognized! Please contact Cooper Millard for any questions, or inquiries about your qualification for the program! Contact Cooper at