Company Namesake

Strength, Courage and Vigilance

A fabulous animal, the Gryphin is symbolically significant for its domination of both the earth and sky - because of its lion’s body and eagle’s head and wings.

The Gryphin is very popular for it has numerous virtues and apparently no vices. Notably, they have been known for centuries as symbols of strength, courage and vigilance.

In some mythologies, they represent the wealth of the sun. In others, they are said to have had hoards of priceless treasures which they guarded endlessly. In ancient Greece, Apollo rode a Gryphin while guarding the gold of Hyperboreaus. What a perfect symbol for a financial planning organization!

It gets better…

The Gryphin was also an embodiment of Nemesis, the goddess of retribution, and turned her wheel of fortune.

The Dictionary of Symbolism quotes Boeckler as offering the following interpretation of this fabulous animal: "Griffins are portrayed with a lion’s body, and eagle’s head, long ears, and an eagle’s claws, to indicate that one must combine intelligence and strength."

Gryphins in ancient mythology were also known as the "Hounds of Zeus."