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National Head Office

50 Coreslab Drive
Flamborough, Ontario L9H 0B2
Toll Free: 1-800-317-9224
Phone: 905-690-3667
Fax: 905-690-3533

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Regional Contact Staff

President, CEO

Rod Millard   ext. 245

Director, Marketing

Jamie Janjevich   ext. 249

Provides competitive research & analysis, quotation services, and case consultations. Responsible for the development and support of Sales and Marketing for all Life Insurance Products.

Director, Investment Services / The Gryphin Advantage Inc.

Mutual Fund Advisor / Worldsource Financial Management Inc.

Michael Cox ext. 233

Independent investment research and consultation. Responsible for the development and support of Sales and Marketing for all Investment Products.

Director, Agency Development

Scott Mulholland ext. 272

Recruitment, Mergers and Acquisitions


Josie Tucceri ext. 267

Responsible for compensation inquiries

Manager, Administrative Services

Nicole Meeboer ext. 239

Responsible for overall management of the administrative department operations including compliance. Also handles marketing and communications, website updates and the administration of Winsurance.

Manager, Administrative Services

Susan Fernandes ext. 255

Marketing Consultant

Cooper Millard ext. 242

New Business Consultant

Connie Smith   ext. 248

New Business Consultant

Christina Kavluk ext. 258

Contracting Specialist

Heather Wasilewski ext. 238

Contracting Specialist

Nicole Gadoury ext. 271

New Business Consultant

Kathleen Yeaman ext. 299

Inforce Services Consultant

Tracey Kunzli ext. 251

Marketing Administrator

Marnie MacPhee ext. 287

Marketing Administrator for the Investment Services Department.

Marketing Consultant

Joel Whitty ext. 236

Investment Services Representative

Nick Skuse ext. 244

Investment Services Representative

Karen Fontes ext 276

Investment Administrator / Worldsource Financial Management Inc.
Investment Administrator / The Gryphin Advantage Inc.

Kari Graff ext. 226

Investment Administrator

Karen Lucas ext. 235

Associate Branch Administrator

Cristy Honchar ext. 288

Reception and Distribution Services

Tanya Znidarec ext. 230


Lynn Wheeler ext. 230

Receptionist duties and responsible for incoming and outgoing mail and couriers.

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